Tuesday, November 8, 2016

WOW! We can hardly believe it is already November! 
Our recreational real estate update for November is below! 
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2016 Cottage Sales Surge But Price Remains The Most Important Factor

  • If a property is priced right (and not well above the average sale for the area) chances are high it will sell. The higher the price the less Buyers there are for your property
  • There is a Buyer for every property however if your property is over priced, priced well above the average sale, or has a major barrier, chances are it will not sell
  • Buyers are essentially looking for the same features no matter what the price
    • Easy access from the cottage to the waterfront
    • Clean / weed free shoreline
    • All day sun exposure
    • A well cared for cottage that shows well and requires little to no work for the Buyer
    • Medium to large lake suitable for boating activities

Why do Buyers choose Haliburton?

  • Haliburton has many attractive features for the cottage Buyer
  • Clean lakes in beautiful Algonquin style setting
  • They get more bang for their dollar compared to Muskoka and The Kawarthas 
  • Offers year round recreational activities 
  • Generally can get more privacy and a better lot compared to other areas

Haliburton also has barriers that prevent certain Buyers from purchasing
  • Limited services and amenities in Haliburton and Minden
  • Drive time from GTA can push 3+ hours
  • Most lakes do not have any services (marina, restaurant access)
  • Lack of historical sales in $800,000+ market makes high end Buyers nervous that they will not be able to sell for what they paid should they need to sell a few years down the road

                                               2016 Muskoka Real Estate Market Stats*

*The data provided for this report was collected from The Lakelands Board’s List Central system for Haliburton and Muskoka and the Kawartha Lakes and Peterborough/Kawartha Lake system. While all data has been checked for accuracy we are not responsible for any discrepancies between our numbers and numbers reported by other companies, brokerages, or the board office.

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